Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Cartridge Review Saturday

Hello and welcome to my Saturday post. Today I am reviewing a new cartridge that was released last week called Pretty Packages and I created these items using the Cricut Explore. I love having the subscription so that you can play with the new releases and see if it is something you might like to purchase. My subscription expired this week (free one that came with machine) and I knew even though I have 300+ cartridges, it was something I would keep for $9.99 a month. Well with this new cartridge, some things I like and some I didn't and still think it is something I would purchase.  The first one I am show is a rectangle box on page 3 and even though it was not hard, I found that the way it was put together make it a little thick.  I would have like to seen it not have the folded inside tabs.  If you are using heavy cardstock which most of us use on boxes, make it heavier.  Other than that, I liked it.  For my box with all the items grouped I sized it at 14 inches which made the final size 6inches long and 2.5 inches tall.  I used the Anna Griffin Christmas pattern cardstock I got from HSN.
I then made the box for the top which was really simple and I liked it, but I picked a gold paper from American Crafts which was a little heavier.  The bow I grouped at 11.5 and the finished bow measures about 6.5 inches.  I think you kind of have to play around with sizes on these.  Hard to judge.
I did a couple of the flowers which I really liked.  This one was two sections and I added a pop dot between the layers.  I just added some stickles to the middle piece.  I could see this being used at a poinsettia for the holidays if you wanted.  I did both of the flowers at 4.5 inches and they were big, but wanted them so that you could see them better.

I really loved this one!  It is 3 pieces and the center.  After I put it together, I wish I had inked the edges, but I will make more.  I might make the center piece a little smaller or add a brad to it.  This would look beautiful on a package. 
Now I picked a card to show.  This is the money card and envelope.  I picked a pattern paper and it has a snowflake design in the card that did not show too good so I added a piece on the inside which made it show better, (not in picture though)
I cut this card and envelope at 9.5 inches and the money went in great, but I think I would go 10 inches next time.  This is super easy!
This is the envelope.  You draw the design of snowflakes, well that is what I call them with your pen.  I only have the silver pen that came with it so that is what I used.  I need ideas for Santa so I have not purchased them yet.  This went together super easy.
The card just slides in and all ready for you to give as a gift.  I hope that this may help you decide about purchasing a cartridge.  If you like to see me continue reviewing the new cartridges, please leave me a comment.  Thanks to all the new people who have joined the blog and my Facebook page, I think I have received about a 100 new people in the last couple weeks.  See you Tuesday when I will be sharing a new layout.  I have some new products to share with you soon so keep watching and have a wonderful weekend!!!


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  2. First off I am loving a piece like this......You did a great commentary and loved your honesty and sharing exactly what you used. I can't wait to get this cartridge it's in route to my home as I type *LOL*
    Everything you created turned out fabulous and great paper choices too by the way. I really look forward to you doing more exploring Cricut cartridges I do have the Explore and love it however I love using my cartridges you know in still use my Expression and Create *I just got my Create as my original baby Cricut that I got in 2006 has worn out *tears* and since they don't make it any more My sweet Hubby got me a Create which it was hard to find a brand new one but he did on EBay* I use my Explore for anything I can't do on my other yep the best of all worlds. (I know TMI right) (LOL) but I just love my Cricuts all equally by the way. I always love what you do and so appreciate all the hard work you do to bring to me/us. Girl you are so talented and so knowledgeable so again thanks. YOU so ROCK!!

  3. Love your commentary. Love your projects, too! Please continue your reviews! I found it very helpful, especially when you state the size and then say you would have done a different size later....very, very helpful! Thanks so much!

  4. Love the box Diane!! That cardstock you used is fabulous. I so love both of the flowers!!! The money card and envelope are wonderful!!! :)

  5. Love all the projects-and I agree with Tanya, keep up with the reviews! It is really helpful to those of us who are on the fence about some of the new cartridges. I'm gonna ask Santa for this cartridge!

  6. all of your projects are wonderful Diane! Love the review of the cartridge, I have been playing with it but have not made it to these ones yet, thanks for the inspiration! Have a wonderful day!


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