Thursday, February 19, 2015

Checking in today!

Hello Friends! Boy have I missed crafting, but want you to know that I will be back in full swing next week. The weather here in Kentucky decided to finally act like winter and dump us with several inches of snow. We have been lucky because we have had nothing more than dusting till this. Today and tomorrow we are fighting with below zero temps on top of this.  It has put us behind in doing our remodeling projects, but I am managing to finish the hall part way and get this crap out of my room.  I manage to snap a couple pictures, but could hardly get into the door, but you get the picture!  I am anxious to work with the new Design Space on my Cricut Explore and even though I did not need a new Explore, I did order the Bluetooth and the AG content.  I will have the option to use my iPad on some of my designing.  I will see you Tuesday for Layout to finish and find my room again.  Take care and keep warm!

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  1. Well I for one am missing seeing our wonderful creations!!! Winter has hit us down here in Alabama, too. Thankfully not like it has hit ya'll and so many others!!! But more than enough for us. :)


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