Thursday, March 17, 2016

A little scrapbooking and some updating

Hello and Happy St.Patrick's Day   Today I am sharing a easy layout with you.  I made this will the Silhouette Cameo and files from the Silhouette Store.  I was pretty busy this week and then got hooked watching HSN craft day yesterday and of course, bought several things!  This was a train trip we took last September while in Tennessee.  This was the Smoky Mountains Railroad and it was a 13 mile trip one way and then it returned.  We neither one had been on a train so we were game.  Not much in the way of scenery but fun.  It stopped in this little town with not much going on, but a few shops.  I think it was off season.  I used Train tracks#82943, the train#8350 and the title is the Be Kind Font I downloaded. 
I have been purging and cleaning this week.  I had planned on repainting, but my husband told me to wait till we get everything done and do it in the fall.  Fine with me I hate painting and will hire someone.  I did have some Michaels cubes that were starting to fall apart after many years and me moving things around.  We went to Ikea and I bought two of the storage units and the desk addition and love it.  I already had a fabulous desk and the Alex cabinets so this was a nice addition.  I still have to have hubby fix my cords on my tv since I have a mess with them, but this will work until we paint.  I thought I would share pictures of my room.
                                                        My new cubes with desk top
                                                  2nd half and my coffee pot close by!
                           Love this desk I bought a couple years ago and one of the Alex drawers.
I use to have over 50 cubes and after cleaning and purging I am down to keeping 20 for things. Just organized all my paper in files. Beside this is also open shelves with things on it and in the front of my windows in the front of this room is my big comfy recliner.  I watch my 55 inch tv late at night here so I don't disturb my husband.  This room is right next to our bedroom.  Love my crafty room!

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  1. Your crafty room is wonderful!!! I've been purging stuff too. Have boxes full of cardstock and paper that I haven't used and I don't think I will. Embellies and things like that, too. Now I just need to get rid of the boxes and finish cleaning!! Love your layout! I've heard of this train ride but have never ridden on it. We don't get into Tennessee often. See you next Thursday!!! :)


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