Friday, August 5, 2016

Been M I A

Hello friends. Yea I have been MIA for a couple weeks, but with good reason. You know I told you after I painted my craft room that I was NEVER going to paint again, well....I did. If I hadn't wanted it done this week, I would have hired someone. We have been tossing around the idea of selling our house which we have lived in for 23 years. We have a upstairs and as we get older harder to make those steps fifty times a day. The big dilemma was the house is almost paid for and do we really want to start over again with my hubby going to retire in a few more years? Well, for now we decided to hold off, but wanted to do somethings.  Most will have to be contracted and we have had people looking and estimates with one complete major project that will be great when done, but I hate the thought of starting it for the mess.  After it is done, then someone will come paint downstairs.  This week I painted our bedroom and we bought new furniture.  I am also purging so much crap, the Good Will will love me.  Why is it when you do one room, the entire house gets torn up?  We still have to go back to Ikea for the closet built ins this weekend and then we should be done upstairs except some real cleaning of closets.  So I have had no time for projects to share.  That doesn't mean I have worked, I completed two window signs and made several t-shirts.  Today I just want to shout out to Robin Morris and all the talented designers over at
She shares her files for personal use and if you are into Disney and any other characters, this is the place to go.  I urge you to check it out.  Now on a personal note, if any of my readers are crafters that do craft shows and sell things, I have a bunch of blanks I want to sell as a lot for one great price.  It includes jewelry, hardware, burlap items and more.  I am no longer doing craft shows and want to get this out.  These are great for the vinyl users.  Just shoot me an email at and put in the subject line blanks and I will get a picture of all the items.  Most are still in packages.  Thanks and have a crafty week.


  1. Thanks for your update! So glad your MIA was a good thing!
    we're in the same boat, update or sell...getting older so stairs are becoming more of a burden! Although it IS good exercise!
    Purging! You inspire me! Going to work on that today.
    Thank you!!

  2. I know you will be so glad when all of the remodeling is done! But it will be so worth it!!! Glad to know that all is well and you had a great reason to be MIA!!! :)


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