Monday, April 24, 2017

My Trip

As you will see today, I am not sharing any crafts as I planned.  In my post last week I told you I would be on my Anniversary trip.  Well, that didn't happen.  We were on our way on this beautiful sunny day riding with the top down and was one hour away from our destination and my husband got sick.  We pulled over to a road side rest and it got worse.  Luckily the next exit was a mile away and over the state line with a hospital sign.  This was a very small town with a very small hospital, but without the caring and wonderful staff, he would  not have made it.  He had to have two surgeries and as soon as he was stable, we were able to transfer him back to Kentucky about an hour and a half from where we live.  Today is the 9th day in the hospital and he is scheduled to be released today or tomorrow and is feeling much better.  Needless to say, I didn't finish my pages, but hopefully next week when he is home.  By the way, we will do that anniversary trip over when he is better.  See you soon.

Monday, April 17, 2017

A Few Projects to Share

Happy Monday! As you read this, I am on another adventure. We decided to take a little mini trip for our anniversary which is today and I had a very busy week with projects. I had lots of vinyl to work with this week.  Next week I hope to share some scrapbooking which I am so far behind on!!!  Since yesterday was Easter, I had made this flag for my porch.  Not much to do but add our name, but love it just the same.
My granddaughter is going to Hilton Head next month and taking a friend and wanted shirts for each of them and this is the design she wanted.  I purchased the design from the Silhouette Store.  I also used fonts from my computer for the back.  I know this is a Cricut blog, but I am finding I use my Cameo more than my Cricut lately.  Hopefully, they will get the software working correctly soon.  I get tired of fighting with it so I turn to the other machine which is so much easier to use when you are not fighting with software issues.

Once Easter is over, I needed a flag to finish out the Spring season and made this one using a file from the Silhouette store.  I also added some jewels to it as well.
My youngest granddaughter needed a shirt to wear to school so she picked this design which I purchased on Etsy.  She loved it!
I hardly ever make anything for myself, so I made this shirt to wear this weekend.  I bought the file from Etsy and love it.  I am sure the rest of my family girls will want one too!  The next design is one I created myself.  I worked hard on this one to position all the states within the letters.  I did purchase the Ky state outline from the Silhouette Store, but the font is from Dafont which I offset and then subtracted the states from the top layer creating the cutout effect.  Love it!  Now I will do one with paw prints next.  Hope you enjoyed my shares today and till next week, Happy Crafting.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Hello Monday

Hello and happy Monday. I am still trying to get caught up since we got back from our trip to California. I will be sharing a new project with you next week.  I wish you all a crafty week!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Wedding Shower Gift

Hello. As you read this today, I am on another great adventure. I will share the details with you next week as I know I will not have time to make anything. It has been hard to get started on projects since we have our house for sale and you never know when someone wants to come and look!  I usually have a messy craftroom when that call comes.  I am trying to keep my crafting at a minimum for this reason so please bare with me for the next few month.  My goal is to find a perfect place that will accommodate all my crafting and of course, all our other needs for a home.  You see what my first thing was on the list lol.  Now for today's project.  My daughter in law called and needed a shower gift and this is one we both love to use as our go to gift.  I made my designs and we etched with the air eraser.  I made this design using frames that I purchased from MyVinylDesigner and just used fonts on my computer.  The hardest part of this project is lining it up right.  The small dish gave me fits this time because it had been awhile since I had made these.  I will work on more designs since this is something everyone loves to receive.  Hope you liked my share today and wish you all a very happy crafting week!