Monday, April 3, 2017

Wedding Shower Gift

Hello. As you read this today, I am on another great adventure. I will share the details with you next week as I know I will not have time to make anything. It has been hard to get started on projects since we have our house for sale and you never know when someone wants to come and look!  I usually have a messy craftroom when that call comes.  I am trying to keep my crafting at a minimum for this reason so please bare with me for the next few month.  My goal is to find a perfect place that will accommodate all my crafting and of course, all our other needs for a home.  You see what my first thing was on the list lol.  Now for today's project.  My daughter in law called and needed a shower gift and this is one we both love to use as our go to gift.  I made my designs and we etched with the air eraser.  I made this design using frames that I purchased from MyVinylDesigner and just used fonts on my computer.  The hardest part of this project is lining it up right.  The small dish gave me fits this time because it had been awhile since I had made these.  I will work on more designs since this is something everyone loves to receive.  Hope you liked my share today and wish you all a very happy crafting week!

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