Thursday, June 29, 2017

News to share

Sorry, I have been away for a couple weeks, but things have been really hectic at my house.  Our house has been on the market for a couple months and has picked up with activity and we took a contract on it this week.  Trying to keep things picked up prevents my crafting time.  Now we are on the look for our dream home.  We lived here 23 years, but always knew it was not the final place.  Just took hubby longer to decide to sell than me.  My new place will have an awesome crafting space so then I will be able to work.  For the next couple months, I will be stepping back, but will be back as soon as possible, after all I need things for my new place!  Thanks to my loyal followers and hang in there I shall return with more great shares!  Thanks, Diane

Monday, June 5, 2017

Some shares for the week

Hello and welcome. I am sharing a few things this week with you. First off, I received an email from someone with a made up name and generic email address that I wish to address. They informed me that my work was pretty much crappy and that I should just stop showing it.  Since when I tried to respond and it was blocked, I shall do it here.  First, I do this blog for me and I have friends who actually enjoy seeing things I have made.  If you feel it is crappy, please do not visit.  We all have that choice, but I will continue to do this even if no one reads or comments because I want too.  All of you that enjoy seeing my projects and pin them, my sincere thanks.  Now that is all the time that person will get from me.  This first project is a cute tank and the brand is Next Level and if you have customers that wants these, tell them to size up.  I used a design that I purchased from the Silhouette Store and I think the font was Vine, but forgot to write it down.

One of my husbands ball players mom wanted a flag with all their team sports and all the images were from the Silhouette Store and the font was Sports World.
This shirt is for one of the mothers and the file for this is from Etsy.  I love finding different files there and some come with commerial license or you can purchase it.  Hope you like these.  I made 16 different ones last week I will be glad to share in the coming weeks.  Till later, Happy Crafting.